This blog is for showing attractive web pages created by Apple to show the preview of products. How does javascript play a vital role in Apple's amazing WebApp UI?

Apple is an American manufacturer of electronic items like computers, smartphones, tablets, television, AirPods, and computer software, etc.

What features of Apple make its products Unique?

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Let’s classify cyber-attacks happened or not by classification & what is the role of the confusion matrix for classify cyber-attacks happened or not.

My Design


The term classification means to find the target from a particular set of values.

Ex. Rain will happen today or not.

so in this example, we are…

Deploying Machine Learning Model Inside Docker Container

Docker is a Containerization tool. Docker can launch OS within 3 sec called Container. If we compare docker with virtualization we launch a virtual machine in 15–20 min. But docker provides the power to launch OS within seconds.

Hello Everyone,

I want to show how I have configured the webserver on different types of OS like RedHat and Ubuntu. My ansible-playbook will dynamically take software names according to OS type. As we know that in ubuntu apache webserver software name is “apache2” and in RedHat Apache webserver software…

Hello Everyone,

I want to show I have created my own customize docker image for enabling ssh inside a docker container and I have configured the webserver inside the docker container using an ansible playbook.

Ansible & Docker Integration

As we know that by default if we create a container using centos image so…

Neural Network

Google is providing many services to the user. Services are Google Map, Google mail service, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Pay, etc.

What is a neural network ??

Neural networks like a human brain Neurons are connected with each other and sending “messages” from one neuron to another and process the information and provide certain…

Online Baking

Hello Everyone !!

Nowadays everyone has a bank account and doing online transactions. People Having a bank account to making depositing money, doing transactions, transferring money from one account to another, etc.

Jenkins & Trivago

Hello Everyone!!

I have done a review How Jenkins used it for running the Trivago web application and mobile application.

Trivago is a hotel search and price comparison website. When we search for a hotel on Trivago, we will see a list of online hotel booking sites that are offering…

Technical Journey

Hello Everone, I am going to share my technical journey under the guidance of Vimal Daga sir, I want to share what I have learned till yet and I am going to share how Vimal Daga sir guidance changed my life.

When I was in my 2nd year…

I setting my complete Hadoop cluster on top of EC2 instances of AWS.In my case, I am going to set up a name node and one data node, and one client.

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