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I want to show how I have configured the webserver on different types of OS like RedHat and Ubuntu. My ansible-playbook will dynamically take software names according to OS type. As we know that in ubuntu apache webserver software name is “apache2” and in RedHat Apache webserver software is “httpd”.So we don’t need of separate configuration for both the OS from one playbook we can configure every type of OS.

I have two target nodes one traget node is running in my local VM which is redhat8 and another trarget node in running in the AWS cloud service…

Hello Everyone,

I want to show I have created my own customize docker image for enabling ssh inside a docker container and I have configured the webserver inside the docker container using an ansible playbook.

Ansible & Docker Integration

As we know that by default if we create a container using centos image so inside the docker container we can not do remote login using SSH but we can enable this feature.

I have created Dockerfile and from this Dockerfile, I will create my own customize docker image so that we can do SSH login inside the docker container.


  • Taking centos image as a…

Neural Network

Google is providing many services to the user. Services are Google Map, Google mail service, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Pay, etc.

What is a neural network ??

Neural networks like a human brain Neurons are connected with each other and sending “messages” from one neuron to another and process the information and provide certain output.

A neural network works with various layers every layer output is input to another layer. Every layer process some data and provide some output.

Online Baking

Hello Everyone !!

Nowadays everyone has a bank account and doing online transactions. People Having a bank account to making depositing money, doing transactions, transferring money from one account to another, etc.

Jenkins & Trivago

Hello Everyone!!

I have done a review How Jenkins used it for running the Trivago web application and mobile application.

Trivago is a hotel search and price comparison website. When we search for a hotel on Trivago, we will see a list of online hotel booking sites that are offering rooms at that hotel for our selected dates, along with corresponding prices. We can click on any of the deals offered on the list to get more information. And select the best hotel according to our requirements and price.

Technical Journey

Hello Everone, I am going to share my technical journey under the guidance of Vimal Daga sir, I want to share what I have learned till yet and I am going to share how Vimal Daga sir guidance changed my life.

When I was in my 2nd year I always want to work hard and achieve success. I love to learn every technology so much I had very amazing ideas in my mind to implement. But I always take suggestions from my seniors and my teachers but they always say to me :

Laveena only focuses on one…

I setting my complete Hadoop cluster on top of EC2 instances of AWS.In my case, I am going to set up a name node and one data node, and one client.

Agenda: Configure web server inside a docker container using ansible-playbook.

To do this we have to follow certain steps:

step:1 Adding docker repository.

step:2 Installing docker package.

step:3 start docker service

step:4 Installing python docker library.

step:5 Pulling docker httpd image which is available on docker hub.

step:6 Making a folder at the target node.

step:7 copying HTML file from the controller node to the target node folder.

step:8 Launching Docker container using httpd image.

Kubernetes use cases and What problems solved by the Kubernetes.

Hello Everyone, I have done the review of why Kubernetes used by the industry to solve their challenges of deployment of website and app, Here I am taking the example of an e-commerce company Myntra. These problems are commonly faced by every company in earlier days but Kubernetes solved their problems and giving high growth and success to companies.

About Myntra

Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce company. Sell the many types of products like Topwear, Bottomwear, Footwear, etc. for men, women, and kids. Myntra also selling the products for home & living. Myntra is providing good quality of products and on-time…

Create a routing table rule in such a way so that we can ping to google but not to Facebook.

In my VM by default one rule is created already to connect to anybody in the world. So using this rule I can ping google as well as Facebook so to achieve my agenda I can’t use this rule so I am going to delete this rule.

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