Technical Journey Under Guidance Of Vimal Daga Sir

Technical Journey

Hello Everone, I am going to share my technical journey under the guidance of Vimal Daga sir, I want to share what I have learned till yet and I am going to share how Vimal Daga sir guidance changed my life.

When I was in my 2nd year I always want to work hard and achieve success. I love to learn every technology so much I had very amazing ideas in my mind to implement. But I always take suggestions from my seniors and my teachers but they always say to me :

Laveena only focuses on one technology!!

Choose one of the technologies in which you interested …

But How I tell those people I love every technology to learn and I have interest in all the technologies.

People say to me like :

  • if you want to be a cloud engineer learn cloud technology etc…

So after listening to everyone's suggestion I was not able to sleep those days properly I always think :

  • What will I do in my life?
  • I don’t know my goal?
  • I don’t know which technology I have an interest in?
  • How I fulfill the expectations of my parents and real brother and sister?

and much more question ???

I shared my problem with my friend(Lovedeep Kaur and Takshima Goyal) I asked her:

Yar mai kya kru mera to sab technology mai hi interest hai or sab bol rahe ek technology choose kero.Mujhe to kuch bhi samgh nhi aa raha mai kya keru . Mera mind me jo ideas hai vo kisi bhi ek technology ko sikhne se pure nhi ho sacte ..

This problem is still going with me and then lockdown march,2020. In a lockdown, I was thinking to do some internship and learn something new but that time was not lucky for me I have chosen the course of Machine Learning from udemy but this course I haven’t liked the course because that course has not shared any real use case.

But suddenly my life changed on 15, July 2020 on this day I have joined Vimal Daga Sir and LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd. I have joined the Flutter Mobile App Development Training.

In this flutter course, I listen to Vimal sir, and Vimal sir always says:

why people say for placed at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and In big IT companies follow this step. But why people don’t say make that technology which Google, Facebook, Amazon using for their business?

Whatever technology we have it is created by human only so as student we can also create a technology . We can be “Creator Of technology” ..

Product not comes from one technology it alwyas comes from integration of all the technologies ….

This quotes by vimal daga sir are enough for me for start my journey learning of different technology and integrate them with each other and create something new..

Flutter training suggests to me by my friend Prabhjeet Singh and my senior Chandra Shekhar Sharma sir . I would like to thank Prabjeet and Chandra sir for suggesting me this course because only after this course I get to know about Vimal Daga sir and after this flutter course my life totally changed.

But when flutter training was going to complete I think now What should I do .That time my luck was very good and god gives me one teacher like Vimal Daga sir .And that time Vimal sir launch program ARTH-The School Of Technology .And this program almost all the technogy included like Hadoop,Cloud Computing ,Automation tool such as docker,kubernetes,ansible and much more .

Achivements in ARTH Program:

→ I have a fear of English. I don’t like to read books, articles, newspapers if they wrote in the English language. But In the ARTH program, I am creating my own blogs, articles, post. And now I like to read articles, books, etc.

→ In the ARTH program, I have learned How to work with a team? How we can do practicals with the team.

→ The idea of Integration of multiple technologies and create something new .

I have achieved many things from the ARTH program.

Achivements comes from rightpath and right education and from right teacher like Vimal sir . I would like to thank Vimal Daga sir for guding the students and giving rightpath of learing different tecnology and Integrate them .

I would like to thank Preeti Daga Mam and LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd for organizing amazing programs .

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